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UPDATE – 5/4
Facebook has recently changed their programming API.

We are in the process of updating RaceReach to use this new interface.
The ability to register or sign in using Facebook should be working now.
Please report any issues.

In addition, we have to “apply” for the permissions that are need to do our “multi-share” feature.
This feature lets you post a workout to any of your Facebook properties.

This process will take about 10 more days.


UPDATE – 4/24

> Club Apps

You can now create HTML newsletters for your club.
You have the options to selectively include upcoming activities and sponsor offers.
We are going to be adding options to include local race deals and event price increases.
The newsletter makes it easy to create a relevant email to your club with only a few clicks.

> Event Director

– When all price option are past for an event category on the registration form, the category turns gray and is disabled

– After the event, the participant list is hidden

– Race Directors no longer can set the “sponsor level”, they can order the sponsorships and label them with any title they choose.

> Sponsor Match

– We are now producing a weekly report that shows sponsors the claims per event for their offer

We have add a new option for Sponsors to create a sponsorship offer and then select the events they would like to sponsor.


UPDATE – 3/20

> Club Apps
– You can now set custom colors for the activities you add to your calendar. The default will be based on the type of activity. Coaches and Trainers who are posting different classes can use this feature to differentiate the classes.  It will make the calendar a lot easier to read.

– We have added membership status and expiration date to the group member export.  We have also made the membership expiration date a sortable column on the membership list.

– If you use the “share event by link” option,  it will now direct you to either the website where you have installed the calendar widget or to a standalone website for your group. Previously, if you had not specified a calendar page ( Group Settings > Calendar Settings ),  the event would be displayed on the RaceReach site.

> Event Director
If you are offering option for people to pay by check you can now mark people as paid when they give you a check.


UPDATE – 3/9

>>>>>> General RaceReach Notes

We will be releasing a new RaceReach home page in the next 24 hours. This page profiles our different products.

Existing users can bypass the page by clicking “START USING…” in the upper right corner to go directly to the application they desire.

This change impacts the Mobile functionality slightly.  The new mobile home page has a list of icons for each of your
accounts (groups).  As always, simply click the group icon to your club/team functionality.

— RaceReach Release Notes —

> Virtual Medals Tab for the event page.

— Club Apps Release Notes —

> RaceReach Sponsor Match for Groups now has a sponsor portal and can deliver sponsor coupons
NOTE: Please check the sponsors for you club as they may need to be re-ordered due to changes.

UPDATE – 2/16

>>>>>Club Apps Release Notes

There are several changes in the latest update that will be posted very soon.
Some updates have been pre-released and are available now.

1) We have updated the “See where club members are racing” feature. We have made it much simpler to mark your races and we produce a report that shows all the races and all people in your club who are participating.

>> Look on your club calendar for “Where is your club racing”

2) We are updating the club sponsor tools. We have integrated our new “Sponsor Match” platform into Club Apps. This provides a sponsor portal so that sponsors can add deals and coupons to your club. Sponsor Match includes coupon delivery and tracking.

>> Look for “Sponsor Match” on the left menu.

3) To make more room on the group left menu we have collapsed the list of organizers and moved it to the bottom of the menu.

4) Multi year participation statistics are now available.

5) Route Library – you can now create a library of all your clubs favorites rides and runs with cue sheets and/or links to online maps.

>>>>>>RaceReach Release Notes

1) New Sponsor Match feature that provide a “digital race bag”  platform for delivering sponsor offers throughout the event lifetime. It also offers a “Sponsor Portal” so sponsors can set up there own deals and sponsorships.

2) New demographic and summary information in the Dashboard.  All registration information is summarized and participant information is broken out by age and gender.


>>>>>>Club Apps Release Notes

1) We have changed our email server please start using {your group}@RaceReach.com instead of {your group}@mtlgroups.com

2) You can now disable RSVP options when you post individual activities.

3) You can set up “auto request” for your payment and optional use electronic fund transfer.

4) We now have duration based membership so that you can offer rolling membership. Where each individual’s start and end dates are determined by when they registered.

5) Support club chapters for groups with regional chapters.  These are sub-groups that share common information like a membership form.
The main calendar and “push-down” or “rollup” activities from the chapter calendars.