Sponsor Match

Sponsors choose the events they want to support. Events promote sponsors in more powerful ways.
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Who it’s for

Event Sponsors

Offer deals or coupons to any event you’d like using Sponsor Match. Targeted exposure to hundreds or thousands of athletes

Event Directors

Get more and better sponsors and attract participants with great sponsor deals.

Event Participants

Get great deals from the best events and share them with your friends using Sponsor Match.

How Sponsor Match Works

Sponsor: Create an Offer

Create a compelling offer or coupon and select events or geography where you want to share it. Upload it.

Event Director: Review & Accept the Offer

Download and review offers to see which ones are attractive to you and your participants. Accept only those that fit for you.

Event Director: Promote the Offer

Promote each offer on your registration form, in your confirmation emails, on your website and even in special emails to participants. Do it all with just a few clicks.

Participants: Claim and Redeem the Offer

Participants claim and redeem the deal. They win. Sponsors win. Events win.

Create and Submit an Offer

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The RaceReach Advantage

Designed for Mobile

All participant functions, including registration and coupon claim/activation, work great on phones and tablets.

Plugs into Your Website

Registration and sponsor offers go right on the race website…and we auto-create a full function website for every event.

Advanced Email Tools

RaceReach eliminates the need for costly third party email tools. We help event directors deliver sponsor offers using their registration and other email lists.

Manage Everything from Your Dashboard

Manage all of your offers, claims, and activity with one login.