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Inexpensive Registration Plus Promotion

Better, less expensive registration with more built-in promotion than you will find anywhere else. MORE

Attract More Sponsors

Deliver your sponsor’s offers and coupons on the registration page, in an online event bag and in targeted emails. MORE

Fundraise More Successfully

A powerful team building and peer-to-peer platform serves all your fundraising needs. MORE

Recruit and Manage Volunteers

Coordinators can recruit and manage team members and deliver universal credits to anyone who volunteers. MORE

Killer Feature #1: RaceReach Credit Engine

Use Event Director to pre-sell registrations to multiple events. Attract more participants with a “guaranteed benefit” even if they can’t attend. Reward volunteers with credit towards entry in another event. An amazing credit application engine makes it possible to eliminate risk for your participants and your event itself. MORE

Killer Feature #2: Embedded Registration

Don’t give away your advertising and promotion space to a registration provider. RaceReach’s SponsorMatch engine allows you to offer sponsors advertising space on your registration form and in other key locations. Happy sponsors mean more and bigger sponsors. Welcome to Event Director by RaceReach.MORE

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Inexpensive Registration with Built-in Promotion

Why is RaceReach better than other registration providers?
1. The flexibility and capability of the underlying software gives you specifically what you need. 2. The commitment to continuous improvement to provide the best features means your event will stay ahead of competitors. 3. A deep understanding of mobile technology means more participants will sign up and sponsors will be happier (and spend more). 4. The ability to combine registration, marketing, volunteering and sponsorship activation in one platform makes your life easier.
How much does registration cost?
There is no cost to events. Each participant transaction costs $2.36 plus 2.9%. This cost can be displayed as a transaction cost to participants at checkout or not displayed at all if it is included in your total event price. You choose whether and how to display the participant fees. Custom pricing may be available. Call us at 919.904.4760.
What is the RaceReach Club Network and how does it help my event grow?
The RaceReach Club Network is a network of hundreds of small and large triathlon, cycling, running and endurance sports clubs across America who use RaceReach Club Apps. Event Director can promote your event and sponsors to thousands of members. We send club members coupons and discount codes and we can list your event on their club website calendar.
Does RaceReach run Google and Facebook Campaigns for my event?
Yes. RaceReach uses proven event promotion techniques to run campaigns for events of any size. RaceReach deploys your online advertising budget to create and manage Google and Facebook campaigns. These campaigns track online clicks, impressions and registrations. Each campaign can be optimized based on your objectives. Make sure to ask us about Google re-marketing and Facebook look alike marketing. These tools allow us to market to the large audience we’ve accumulated to better target your ads. This is a fantastic way to make sure your event is not throwing away money at ineffective advertising.
Will you build or redesign my website?

Yes. Whether it’s comprehensive, custom features for a series of events or a single event site, RaceReach has the expertise to develop an SEO friendly, mobile enabled, easy to use site for you.

How does RaceReach leverage Social Media?
RaceReach Social Media integration tools ensure that sharing is easy for participants and, more importantly, attracts participants to your event. Most platforms only offer a “share to Facebook” button. RaceReach does that, but also adds more incentives to share. We measure all the visibility for you, including which athletes promote your event the most.  
Can I offer rewards or deals for certain activities that help my event?
Yes. RaceReach gives you the ability to track and reward event participants for attending multiple events or volunteering. Consider programs that offer a free future event entry to volunteers. All of this is track-able using Event Director.
Can I create single purchase multi-event packs?
Yes. Offer any number of multi-event incentives, to all or any of your events. This is generally how participants pre-pay ONCE for a certain number of events for a discounted overall cost. Imagine the athletes pre-paying for a season of events on opening day of registration. It works.

Manage and Activate Your Sponsors

How does Event Director promote event sponsors?
The RaceReach Event Director platform allows sponsors to input and display a sponsor deal, coupon or incentive themselves, right on the event they partner with. The offer can be displayed on the registration form, on the registration confirmation email, on the Virtual Medal™, on your website, and “in” the online deal bag. Event Directors also have the ability to upload a contact list and execute custom emails highlighting sponsor deals, coupons and offers. There is no charge for using our email tools.
How can I more easily obtain sponsor logos, art work and coupon art?
Sponsor Match technology allows sponsors to upload their own logos, deals, coupons and other art work directly to an event’s portal. Event directors no longer have to manage file sizes, image sizes and “png vs tiff vs gif” challenges. Ask us about Google re-marketing against the audience of 300,000 we’ve accumulated. A fantastic way to make sure your event is getting seen by the athletes most likely interested in finding your event.
How do I manage coupon, deal and incentive terms and effective dates my sponsor requires?
You don’t. The sponsor portal allows the sponsor to control those parameters. They get their own credentials to log in and manage their offers to any event.
I'm an event sponsor who sponsors multiple events. Can I make an offer to more than one event?
Yes. Sponsor Match makes it possible to make an offer to any event using RaceReach registration. Sponsors can easily choose one or many events by location (radius from an address), dates or by searching named events they know.
Does RaceReach provide an online deal bag?
Yes. Our Sponsor Match technology puts sponsor deals, coupons and incentives in the deal bag of each event. We also give Event Directors easy to use tools to widely share the deals and track the participants who claim them.

Fundraise More Successfully

How much does the fundraising platform cost?

It’s free to events who use RaceReach registration via Event Director.

How can event participants help fundraise?

They help in several ways.

  1. Participants are prompted to make an extra contribution themselves when registering.
  2. Fans or friends of your event and friends of participants can contribute directly - even without registering for your event.
  3. Peer-to-peer promotion technology allows participants to promote and share their affinity for your cause and raise funds through their own personal fundraising page.
How else can event directors promote charity partner(s)?

Event Director makes it possible to add your charity partner(s) to your website, on your registration form, attached to your registration confirmations and in special email communications.

How is social media used?

The personal fundraising page can be shared in an email as a link or directly on social media platforms.


Recruit and Manage Volunteers

How does the platform help events recruit volunteers?
A few ways.

  1. Making it easier for your volunteer coordinator to delegate recruiting.
  2. Offering incentives for volunteering.
  3. Allowing volunteers to self-register.
Can Event Directors or Volunteer Coordinators assign individual jobs?
Yes. The platform allows for individual jobs or roles as team leaders to be created. Volunteer coordinators get email tools to communicate with everyone, team leaders get tools to communicate
How much does the volunteer platform cost?
It’s free.

Create or list an event with Event Director

Questions? Call us at 919.904.4760.

The RaceReach Advantage

Designed for Mobile

All participant functions, including registration, fundraising and volunteer signup, work great on phones and tablets.

Plugs Into YOUR Website

Registration, Sponsors, Fundraising goes on your website…or we auto-create a full function website for your event.

Advanced Email Tools

Eliminate costly third party email tools. We help you communicate with registrants using lists you already have.

Manage Everything from Your Dashboard

Manage all of your events, every participant, fundraising, financials and volunteers with one login.