Registration & Ticketing

Comprehensive registration and ticketing for any event type. A flexible, customizable platform offering amazing benefits for your event and participants.

What can you do with RaceReach's registration and ticketing solution?

Form Builder Flexibility

Event registration forms have never been more customizable. Whether it’s a team event, individual event, or something nobody has ever seen before, you can build the registration form here.

Team & Group Registration

Every team sport or team-based event has different needs. Whatever your needs are, they can be addressed with the form builder’s embedded team intelligence.

Event Promotion & Referral Programs

Word of mouth is your most powerful source of growing your event. Help your audience spread the word with incentives.

Credits Instead of Refunds

Nobody wants to miss an event. But it happens. Now you can offer credits to one or any number of future events instead of refunding fees.

More RaceReach Features At-a-Glance

Event Website

A mobile friendly event website and registration form for desktop, tablet and phone.

In-person, Virtual and Hybrid Event Support

Registration designed to adjust and react to the challenges of different event environments.

Team and Group Registration

Teams and groups get special tools. Team captains, fundraising teams and more.

Individual and Team Fundraising

All the tools you need to raise money for your event’s cause. Marketing tools and fundraising pages included.

Sponsor Management and Virtual Swag Bag

Manage your event’s sponsors and offer virtual coupons and offers though an email-able, virtual participant swag bag.

Newsletters and Event Communications

A full-featured email and text platform to send news and event updates to all or sub-groups of your participants.

Volunteer Management

Manage your volunteers with team leadership tools, specialized job responsibility tracking and custom email and text communications.

Event Promotion and Referral Tracking

Offer participation incentives via referral tracking codes and get a robust suite of marketing tools to promote your event.

Event Store

Sell anything on your event registration form or create a separate event store.

Photo and Media Tools

Offer your participants the opportunity to share their photos and stories about your event.

Credit and Event Bundles

An event credit engine offers a credits instead of refund option. Or, bundle events and offer credits that work for any and all events in the series.

Form Builder

Build forms for anything. Collecting registrations, creating tickets, build a store, waivers, demographic data, parental permissions. If you can think of it, our conditional logic form builder can build it.

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