Frequently Asked Questions

While you can simply register and begin using the software, we enjoy talking with you to understand your unique needs. Call us at 919.904.4760 or email us at right now. We’ll get back to you immediately (or at least the same day). If RaceReach is the right choice for you, you’ll be up and running in no time.

For event directors, the platform is free to use and build your event on. We collect revenue on each financial transaction coming through any registration or ticketing form you create. Our standard transaction fee is $2.36 plus 2.9%. Custom pricing is available for larger events.

For clubs and teams, the platform is free to use. After 90 days, we’ll contact you to see how much you love the bundle of RaceReach club and team management tools and features. By that time, you’ll be so happy that our $9.99 per month cost will be a no brainer. You’ll be saving three to ten times that much just by using the included emailing, newsletter and website tools.

Yes. Our flexible form building can handle registration for just about anything. It even has built in permissions for different users to access the same registration (coach, player, parent).

Yes. The RaceReach platform has a Sponsor-specific platform that helps you solicit sponsors and manage all of your sponsors in one place. You can attract sponsors by letting them know about the visibility they'll get AND by allowing them to offer built-in and track-able coupons to your registrants and audience.

Yes. RaceReach email is included for free when you use us for event registration and club&team management. You can send emails to any audience and build, schedule and send newsletters as well.

Yes. You'll automatically get a website the moment you create your event or group. While the "out of the box" website is great, you''ll also be able to customize your site with a custom domain, your preferred colors, custom menus and pages, and much more.

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