Why RaceReach?

Create better experiences, with less cost.

Whether you manage an event with 25,000 registrations, a tournament with 25 different sports or teams or a club with 5-500 members, RaceReach was made for you.

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Event, Team and Club Management Used to be Difficult

One Platform, One Low Cost

Registration, ticketing and group management all on one platform. Eliminate need for separate email, newsletter, texting, registration, dues collection, team management, selling/shopping and ticketing systems.

Customer Service

24×7 customer service. Everyone has unique needs when it comes to planning an event or managing a club or team. Many of our event directors and club and team managers talk to us to help them create the best experiences for their audience.

Advanced Form Builder

Build forms for anything, including scenarios where parents and coaches can independently add data to a child’s registration. A simple form takes moments to set up, or design the form of your dreams using conditional logic and limitless options on data collection and user experience. g, registration, dues collection, selling/shopping and ticketing systems.

Low Cost and Complete Communication

Website – You get a free website or all of the RaceReach features are plugins for your existing website

Newsletter – No more expensive and cumbersome newsletter sending and import/export tools necessary. Now build and send all of your newsletters, whenever you want, from a platform that integrates with your event, club or team mailing list and website.

Email – Send to everyone or categorize your email recipients. No need to export from one platform to another.

Text – Whether its a short-notice or emergency communication or you just need to get everyone’s attention, text is integrated and ready for use.

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